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TREDs are the ultimate all-in-one 4x4, ATV and equipment recovery device in sand, mud, sludge, slime or snow. Designed and manufactured in Australia from specifically engineered polyolefin materials, TREDs can handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact.

With a designated shovel feature, extreme hex grip nodules, dual size offering, aggressive ramp entry teeth and ultimate wear resistant properties, TREDs are the best option to get you going when loss of traction disrupts your journey.

Recovery Straps9

Recovery Straps are usually a heavy duty nylon or polyester strap that can stretch and spring back to
original length. The combination of the recovery vehicle pull and the tension in the strap creates a
‘snatching’ effect that can pull a stranded vehicle free from being bogged or unable to move under its
own power. When used in accordance with these guidelines, vehicles may be recovered with minimal
injury risk to people or damage to vehicle equipment.

More Info on the correct usage of Snatch Straps can be found here

Recovery Straps
In Bumper Winch Mount0

In Bumper Hidden Winch Mounts


Fit a winch to your vehicle without the need for a bullbar!

In Bumper Winch Mount

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