myCOOLMAN Fridges

Powerful, robust and ready for any adventure, myCOOLMAN fridges/freezers bring freshness to the Australian bush. Designed and engineered in Germany to suit the demanding Australian conditions, myCOOLMAN offers versatility with a range of practical features and sophisticated technology for everyone who loves life off the beaten track.

You can rest assured with our range as all myCOOLMAN fridges feature battery protection modes to ensure your batteries won’t run flat

Featuring our own myCOOLMAN designed blue compressor, our range includes models from 36 to 105 litres with single and dual zone models. Cooling and freezing is a breeze with reliability down to minus 18 degrees Celsius and works with both 12/24 volt connections and with 240 volt mains power. Easy to transport with a rugged design, once fitted with our easy to fit Insulated Protective Covers (available for the full range) our fridges are also able to withstand heat, dust and water splashes.