PWR 4WD Intercooler Kits - Wolf 4x4

PWR 4WD Intercooler Kits - Wolf 4x4

VW Amarok 2012-2016 2.0L 42mm Intercooler & Pipe Kit (Polished)

Do you have a 4WD vehicle that just does not run cool enough in Australia? A lot of overseas developed 4WD cars are just not designed from an Australian perspective.

Driving in freezing rain in the northern hemisphere is not exactly a cooling challenge is it? Towing a caravan in 40 degrees soon sorts real cooling solutions out from the pale northern hemisphere imitations. Or what about the boat to tow on the beach – not sure how often this happens in Japan?

PWR build a range of stock OEM replacement radiators to keep your 4WD cool in Australia. When the going gets tough, PWR radiators get cooling! Whether it is a Patrol, a Cruiser or a Rangie, we have bolt in OEM replacement to help you keep your cool when driving around this great country.

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