Dealer Fitted

Wolf 4x4 Accessories. On your Brand New 4x4. Fitted Pre-Delivery!

Did you know?
You can have your shiny new 4x4 kitted out with all our products, direct from the dealer!


Why should you order your Wolf 4x4 products with your new car from the dealer?
There is no waiting to have the funds later on, or using credit cards or additional loans. Utilize your vehicle finance to fund the entire build. Often vehicle finance is the lowest % interest rate available.


What do you need to do?
When looking at purchasing your next 4x4, mention to your dealer that you are looking at using our product range on your vehicle, or alternatively, get a quote from us which you can take to your dealer, or we can email the quote direct to the salesperson at the dealership.

We can send our products to any dealership, Australia-Wide, or we have fitment contacts in most major areas if the dealer is unable to fit themselves.