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Flexiglass commenced in Western Australia in 1949 when HARRY ROBINS saw the first Holden car and identified the need for a station wagon.

Harry created his first canopy using a steam bent timber frame and sheet metal panels. It was an outstanding success and he was soon making a range of designs from aluminium sheeting with side sliding windows. This innovative canopy featured laminated glass and an interior dome light.

This was just the beginning for Harry. In 1956 he designed the first ever fibreglass canopy. This canopy was years ahead of its time and featured many similarities to today's canopies. In 1959 Harry diversified into the fibreglass boat building business and together with his two sons created the foundations of today's Flexiglass.

Together they designed and perfected a new system of fibreglass that they called "FLEXIGLASS". Unlike the ridged canopies of the time, it was extremely lightweight and flexible. Throughout the 1970's Flexiglass continued to grow and branches were opened in South Australia and Victoria. Demand rapidly grew around the country and New South Wales and Queensland branches soon followed.

In 1989 "Flexiglass" and "Challenge Canopies" merged to form "Flexiglass Challenge" - the largest canopy manufacturer in Australia.

In 2002, Flexiglass Challenge was acquired outright by Fleetwood Corporation, an ASX 200 Listed Company.

Rhino Cab8

Possibly the strongest canopies on the market, These aluminium canopies are designed for style-side ute tubs and incorporate 3 centre doors all dual lockable. Or with the longer extra cab tub the come with 2 doors either side.

Available in Dual or Extra cab: Watch the destruction test to show how strong they are!



RSi SmartCanopy6




Established in 2007, Managing Director and Founder of Rock Solid Industries Michael Voss (Mech Eng.), has a passion for Technology and Product Development of Automotive Storage Solutions.

Our RSI stainless steel canopies have always been highly regarded, but now the quality and fitment process has been stepped up a notch.


RSI has shifted its focus to streamlining the production of its leisure and commercial range. An important achievement has been acquiring ISO 9001:2008 certification, which involved a full revamp of their 2000-square-metre factory.

The new paint process means that custom-painting options can include both a wide range of colours to match most vehicles, and the possibility of different panel colours. The biggest and most prominent improvement, however, has come in the way we assemble the Smart Canopy range.

RSI has developed a patent-pending modular design to construct their canopies. Instead of a single welded unit, the canopies are made up of five key components: the roof, two side panels, the front panel and rear door.

These components are now bolted together for final assembly. They can also be compactly packed (36 canopies to a 20-foot container) for RSI’s export programme, which covers the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, the UAE, Tanzania, Botswana and Namibia in Southern Africa.


The modular system gives the canopy more strength as well as more flexibility, eliminating common issues like weld-fatigue cracks. This makes it perfect for the 4×4 enthusiast who subjects a canopy to severe strains, and it enables individual components to be replaced in the event of damage.

To locate on a load bed, the standard tie-down eyelets are removed. These holes are used to locate four supports – one in each corner − onto which the canopy is bolted. As no drilling is required, these canopies are given OEM approval. Key features include the use of automotive-grade stainless steel in the fabrication, solid side gull-wing doors (windows optional), an innovative weatherproofing system to keep out dust and damp, key-alike locks, standard roof rails, and light weight – below 85kg for a double cab unit.


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