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Wheels designed with Suspension in Mind - ICON Alloys

Posted by Wolf 4x4 on 23rd Jun 2019

Wheels designed with Suspension in Mind - ICON Alloys


Developed by ICON Vehicle Dynamics (manufacturers of industry-leading performance suspension systems and shock absorbers) ICON Alloys was established with an objective to provide the off-road market quality wheels built with precision, performance, and strength in mind. 

Time after time in the development of suspension components the ICON R&D team ran into clearance, fitment, and steering geometry issues that limited the drivability and performance of a given vehicle. As this trend continued, the idea of manufacturing a line of wheels with the “form follows function” approach made more and more sense, and off to the drawing board it was…

PRECISION – Application-specific dimensions optimize vehicle dynamics and tire clearance for many of today’s most popular vehicles.

PERFORMANCE – Engineered to reduce unsprung weight and rotating mass for increased vehicle performance both on and off-road.

STRENGTH – Aluminium alloy construction provides high-strength properties that are well suited for heavy off-road abuse.

ICON are constantly increasing their ICON Alloys range, with new vehicle applications, so if your vehicle does not currently have an ICON alloy wheel available to suit yet, contact us, as it may be coming soon!

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