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Air Bag Suspension Kits

Airbags are used to adjust your vehicle's spring rate and ride height. Using pressurised air to absorb the shock of the road and keep your vehicle raised.

What Do Airbag Suspension Kits Do?

Airbags utilise tough, high pressure airbags which act as balloons to replace or assist the coil or leaf springs of your suspension setup. This allows for a customisable ride height and degree of shock absorption, generally controlled by either a switch within the cabin or an external pump. These airbags offer stability and support to your vehicle under the load of additional weight and also allow you a comfortable ride when undertaking heavy-duty driving.

Why are Good Airbag Suspension Kits Vital for Australian drivers?

Airbag Suspension Kits are vital for Australian drivers with Utes, 4x4s, Suvs and commercial vehicles. By using the right airbag suspension kit, you can improve on your vehicle's load carrying ability and braking. These kits also compensate for minor rear sag and loss of stability control associated with heavy towing loads or rough terrain.

Airbag Suspension offers a great alternative to installing heavy duty springs which might prove to be firm and uncomfortable in the long run. While air suspension uses pressurised air in pistons to deliver the softest ride, these airbag suspension kits are geared towards helping heavy-duty vehicles bear the brunt of carrying additional weight and towing heavy loads on a regular basis.

Our Range of Airbag Suspension Kits

Our range of airbag suspension kits are made specifically to help Australian drivers tackle heavy-duty conditions that arise everyday. Airbag Man and Polyair both produce and engineer not only coil-assist kits to enhance your existing suspension, but also full coil replacement kits for complete system overhauls.

Airbag Man also stocks a wide range of single airbags, air springs, pumps, lines and accessories to offer additional customisation and easy maintenance of your airbag suspension setup. Polyair's range of suspension kits caters to full-time load carrying and everyday suspension assistance. It has two separate series of kits to suit different workloads.

For the full degree of effectiveness in allowing your suspension to deal with multiple scenarios with ease, Airbag Man also offers complete air suspension control kits with all the necessary components and gauges that help you inflate or deflate your airbags with convenience and safety.

Airbag Man3

Airbags have many advantages when dealing with actuation & vibration isolation. Specialising in the use of these fantastic products has been interesting & challenging working with design engineers from many different sectors including diverse applications such as film special effects.

Airbag Man has been instrumental over the past twenty years in providing the transport industry with unique air suspension products covering a huge range of vehicle applications.

We can confidently say we were the first in the world to put a Nissan Patrol 4x4 on full air suspension as well as the first caravan.

Designing & manufacturing here in Australia we pride ourselves on producing well designed & easy to install products & operate under ISO9001 Quality Assurance standards.

If you have a particular idea our knowledgeable & prompt engineering department can help you bring it to fruition - we love bagging things.

Our aim is to continuously improve our products & service & respect all people & organisations we deal with.

It is this point I have to mention the awesome staff at Airbag Man who buy into the company philosophy completely.

Airbag Man


Polyair Springs have been providing load levelling solutions to the Australasian region since the late 1950s. Starting as a 1 man operation, the product has gained popularity through its wide range of benefits, and value for money.

The airbag in coil concept originated with NASCAR in 1949. On the unrelenting banked circuits, weight distribution was found to be a key factor in optimising handling. The capabilities of the air bags was soon put to use on road going vehicles.

Through the 1950’s the product gained popularity, and was developed even further. By the 1980s the product became a common site on motorhomes, ambulances, load bearing pick up trucks etc.

In Australia at the beginning of the 1980’s a well established steering and suspension business recognised the significance of Polyair cheap keflex Springs. The directors bought the locally grown company, with the aim of developing the brand further.

Since then we have been a leading name in the air bag industry.

Sales growth has enabled Polyair Springs to keep pace with greater demand, developing products for the ever growing range of vehicles on the road.

All of our kits are developed on site by our R&D engineers, who have a keen understanding of the challenging industrial and recreational environments our products are subject to.

A key element to Polyair Springs success is our nationwide dealer network. Over the years professional installers continue to provide advice and crucial after sales support. Their experience and know how ranging from recreational to trades, mining and agriculture, ensures best quality.


Before you purchase, please read our online specifications and instalment guides to ensure you choose the optimum product for your vehicle.

Click on each of the Products for more where can i buy keflex online information on our Polyair products, or contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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